洗心 senshin, washing the mind.
At the heart of the junior college is its meditation hall, zendo in Japanese.
Here students sit in Zen meditation and allow their minds to settle.
Just as washing one`s face provides one with a feeling of refreshment,
washing the mind through meditation allows one to let go of useless thoughts and live briskly in the present moment.

Zen work

Zen work
工夫 kufu  “resourcefulness” points to the creative aspect of Zen work.
When students engage in the making of bamboo brooms, weaving straw sandals or decorating Zen gardens they are encouraged to kufu, creatively figure out a natural way to perform these activities by engaging both body and mind. As it is often said in the monastery “one must be able to think while moving and move while thinking.”


一日不作 一日不食
Literally translated as “a day without work is a day without eating“ this phrase means if we do not do our work then we do not deserve to eat. From olden times, Zen has placed great importance on daily work and seen it as an extension of meditation.
In sweeping the grounds, we are sweeping our minds. In pulling weeds, we are pulling out our delusions. And in doing so, little by little, we realize there is no boundary between ourselves and our environment.
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