募集学科 adomission



Zen‐Humanities course


(admission capacity: 25 first year students, including first year students).

留学生選抜 Foreign students admission


Application eligibility  (出願資格)

1. Foreign nationals must have completed at least twelve years of school education or the equivalent to be eligible.


It is desirable to have someone in Japan who can guarantee tuition and identity.

* Recipients of the International Japanese Education Foundation are expected to prepare for a language test. However, even students without prior Japanese language skills will be considered for admission.


Application forms (出願書類)

1. Entry form and examination eligibility form.

2. Last completed school degree. Acknowledged proofs of all school records.

3. Proof of nationality, such as copy of the applicant’s passport. Students already living in Japan must be in possession of a foreign resident card, as well as a copy of their passport.

4. statement of reasons for application (one A4 size sheet, written horizontally, left to right, Preferably written in Japanese)

5. Entrance fee of 25,000JP \, by postal money order, with certificate of the exchange rate. In case it is sent through a bank remittance or wire transfer, an additional 3,000JP \ should be paid, bringing the entrance fee to 28,000 JP \.


If you have any questions, please send an email.
Secretariat: jimkyoku@shogen.ac.jp
選考方法 Admission decision
Admission Decision
・Screening of documents
・Personal Interview


Application term  Examination date Result notice Entrance Fee Deadline Tuition Payment Deadline Cancellation Deadline
2024 Fall Term
10 Jun.2024
-4 Jul.
6 Jul.
8 Jul.
22 Jul. 13 Aug.
13 Sep.
2025 Spring Term
 Program A:
1 Nov. 2024
- 28 Nov.
30 Nov. 9:00a.m.
 2 Dec.
 23 Dec.
27 Jan. 2025
31 Mar.
 Program B: 
6 Jan.2025
- 6 Feb.
8 Feb.
10 Feb.
25 Feb.  10 Mar.
31 Mar.



学費等納付金 Tuition
Tuition Fee【学費等納付金】
  Entrance Fee Tuition  Miscellaneous Fees
 First year  250,000 JP yen  1,160,000 JP yen*  16,750 JP yen*
 Second Year  N/A   1,160,000 JP yen*  15,000 JP yen*
Two years school fees Total: 2,521,750 JP yen
Itemized Fees: 【学費内訳】
Tuition fee: 660,000 JP yen
Facilities fee: 320,000 JP yen
Teaching and practice material fee: 180,000 JP yen
(Payment due every half term: 580,000 JP yen)
Other miscellaneous fees: students’ accident insurance (due upon admission) : 1,750 JP yen
Parents’ Association membership fee: 15,000 JP yen per year
Limited scholarships available after the first year based on school records.

Dormitory fee【寮費】
Students are expected to proceed to tuition and living expenses payments upon admission.
Living expenses payment schedule: 50,000 JP yen upon admission, then 340,000 JP yen every half term. The total living expenses fee for two years is 1,410,000 JP yen.
*Living expenses include a shared room and three meals a day, five days a week. Electricity is to be paid individually. On weekends, holidays and observed rest days, no meal is provided. In case of a school event on a rest day or weekend, meals are provided.
Contact us
If you are interested in attending Shogen junior college or have questions,
you may contact us at jimkyoku@shogen.ac.jp
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